We are here to help you on your mission to ditch the nasty chemicals and turn your home into a CLEAN + GREEN one (hooray!)


Hello! I'm Kirsty, the creator of Second Nature Botanicals.  My happy place is creating beautiful natural products for you in our kitchen. It smells absolutely ah-mazing!  We also know what an overwhelming experience it can be to navigate making the "switch" to natural products, so we love sharing all we know by running workshops to inspire you, plus sharing all we know over on our Blog. We are self-confessed green nerds, which is why we started to question the amount of yucky plastics we were using in our home and wanted to tread light on our planet.  This is why our beautifully designed GLASS bottles are completely REUSABLE and REFILLABLE to be used again and again.

Did you know that most supermarket cleaners don't list their ingredients on their labels!? WTF, absurd, I hear you say and we're feeling you (ahem, they are also full of some very nasty S%#T!).  We literally make each of our products by HAND so we know exactly all the natural and kick-ass goodness (think 100% essential oils and none of those head-ache inducing synthetic fragrances or nasties) that goes into each bottle. Of course we also list all of the beautiful plant-based ingredients on our labels that we have formulated. Nothing to hide here! 

Here's a little bit about us....

We're so unbelievably excited to have recently returned to our homeland (yep that's this beautiful country NZ we are so lucky to call home) after 11 years living overseas.  We're seeking a simpler, slower and more connected life. 

We're bringing something pretty darn special home with us this time (and it's not a magnet for your fridge, sorry Mum!).  It's our natural range of home cleaners that we have tried and tested on the guinea pigs we like to call "Ozzies"  and guess what? They love them! They have passed the most serious of tests including puppies that aren't toilet trained, toddlers with grubby hands, ovens that have been neglected for weeks!  For you my fellow Kiwi, we're stepping it up a level by harnessing the powers of some magical essential oils grown right here in NZ like MANUKA and KANUKA ESSENTIAL OIL

But life was not always clean and green... many laundry cycles ago we were itchy-skinned, sneezing, bleary-eyed, working in mining and living in a house full of toxic cleaners, body care and make-up etc (who knew these shops could sell us this nasty stuff!?). Together we made the pact to switch out one product-at-a-time and convert ourselves to safe options (it took a few years believe me!).  After creating some of our own natural products and realising they worked EVEN BETTER than some of the chemical cleaners our mission was clear!

Thank you for joining the Second Nature Botanicals community, we look forward to enhancing your everyday wellness one product at a time.

Kirsty X