Simple, Safe + Sustainable Products for Those Seeking a Greener Lifestyle. Handmade @ The Mount, New Zealand. 


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            Organic Cleaning Spray

Styled Organic Cleaning Spray 2 Dl.jpg

The Go-to-Spray that will become your BFF for your kitchen, living, bathroom and even removing stains from clothes, furniture, rugs and carpets! 

               Yoga Mat Spray

Styled Yoga Mat Spray DL.jpg

A beautiful spray to keep your smelly yoga fresh! Don’t have a yoga mat? You can also use to deodorise stinky gym shoes, pet beds or even your kitchen after a curry! 

          Organic Foaming Soap

Styled - Foaming Soap DL.jpg

Your hands, body and face will love you for using this nourishing soap which will leave them oh-so soft and smooth, yes please! 

"I am loving Second Nature products! My benchtops have never been so sparkly and my kitchen smells amazing.  Being pregnant, it is super important to me as well that the products are all natural. And I don't mind leaving the bottle out on the bench because even they look beautiful too" 
-Tara Ravaei
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